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DETAIL INFORMATION - Automatic Sliding Door
I - OneX T Sensor
Automatic Sliding Door
I - OneX T Sensor
The i-OneX T Sensor is perfectly suited for nearly any sliding door configuration. It can be set for unidirectional detection, which saves energy by allowing the door to close sooner. It is the only sensor available in North America that covers the door opening plus sidelights with a single device, providing enhanced safety without the need for additional sensors. The i-OneX T Sensor’s enhanced pattern depth detects people and objects farther away and allows the door to open conveniently for them. Safety is assured by the two rows of presence detection closest to the door, which never shut off. In addition, the i-OneX T includes “BlueZone” Technology that detects into the threshold of the door when the door is in the open position. “BlueZone” completely eliminates any inactive area at the threshold which dramatically increases the level of safety.
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